Plastic Surgery

pretty boobs
Breasts Enlargement

• Breast Enlargemnt with implants
• Breast Lifting
• Breasts Reconstruction

juicy lips
Lip augmentation

• Enlargement with hyaluronic acid
• Adding Implants
• Lipofilling

Nice Ass

• Removal of fat deposits
• Cellulite Removal
• Skin smoothing

Other than plastic surgery like liposuction, breasts or lips enlargement,
in Medihelp we also perform aesthetic surgery - correction and treatment of aesthetic
defects from differebt origins, like ear correction, mole removal and others.

Plastic surgery of the anterior abdominal wall / abdominoplasty /

• The operation is done for cosmetic reasons or medical evidence / obesity /
• The plastic surgery of the anterior abdominal wall is a serious surgical operation.
• It is under general anesthesia and sometimes lasts for three to four hours.

Treatment of wounds with skin plastic

Wounds that have a defect / lack of tissues / can successfully be treated by transferring skin from another part of the body. It's necessary:

• Remove necrotic / dead / tissues
• In the wound, a fresh, well-rounded / granular / tissue is formed

Operative treatment of skin formations
/ benign and malignant /

• Applied radically / to healthy tissues / cuts.
• The resulting skin defect is covered with adjacent tissues.
• Material for histological / microscopic examination is required.

Operative treatment of scars

• Operational scar correction (scarring) is required because of limiting the function or for cosmetic reasons.
• Operations are multi-step.

Treatment of burns

Proper, conservative / non-operative / burn burning is usually good.


• With special discs rotating at high speed, the surface layer of the skin is removed.
• The surgeon's experience is of great importance for the good result.
• Dermabrasion is sometimes required in several stages. Patience and physician's patience is required.

Treatment of trauma and facial wounds

Facial wounds require careful and literate treatment. Their processing (stitching) can be postponed for even 1-2 days.
Better use a bandage to stop bleeding and look for a qualified surgeon. Sewing thick threads or filling the wound with adhesive results in ugly scars for life.

Mole Removal

Nowadays, the methods of mole removal are many - from electrocoagulation to surgical removal, laser excision, and more. The first two methods have a number of pain-related imperfections, greater discomfort for the patient as well as significant impairment of the surrounding skin's integrity and scarring. For each of us, it is most important to spare our skin as much as possible and at the same time qualitatively and without consequences to remove unwanted formations. With the advancement of new technologies, the most advanced method that can help us is the laser removal of skin CO2 laser formations.

Ear correction

Otoplasty occurs most often in pre-school or early school age, as growth and cartilage tissue growth have been completed within 7 to 8 years, but are often also subject to adulthood with defects or unpleasant memories from your childhood.

This intervention is not performed in the case of ear loss or so-called small ear that are the result of unilateral facial atrophy. Then more massive surgical intervention and transplantation of cartilage implants is required.

Besides protruding ears, there may be other imperfections that can be corrected by otoplasty. This includes a tapered ears adjustment - when the tip of the ears looks down, "cupped" ears, which are usually small, ears in the shape of a claw where the edges of the ears are swollen with no natural curvature and folds on the ears.

The ear correction can be performed with local anesthesia (local anesthesia) or under general anesthesia (complete anesthesia). Through otoplasty, various ear defects are observed, which are most common - the so-called erect ears. The duration of the plastic surgery on the ear is 30 minutes to 60 minutes. In otoplasty it is important to preserve the anatomical and physiological integrity of all parts - ear, mussel, wing, cartilage and pendant. The wrist and the pendant must not be firmly attached to the hair of the head.

Treatment of difficult healing wounds

Surgery is done in partnership with a hospital.
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